Good news: a new project called 7 VIBES JOURENY

Dear Persrocker! Good News!
7 Vibes Journey
is a modern mystical multifaceted music movement from us that ignites creativity, freedom and consciousness. It encourages people to experience the wealth of the hidden worlds and invites them into the wildest expression of themselves. The music of 7 Vibes Journey has a narrative structure and you can move through seven vibes and eras as a protagonist in your own story. The vibes consist of different vibrations, which are enhanced by music, light, poetry, art and science. This music and dance movement from Switzerland is the first of its kind worldwide.

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Beyond The Horizon is the first official album of 7 Vibes Journey and consists of 7 songs, which present the 7 vibes. It is a progressive touch from ambient to techno and from rock up to oriental melodies and mystical singing. The guideline “Beyond The Horizon” is repeated in every vibe and serves as an element of consistency.
Visual communication as in light design and audiovisual content is created parallel to the music of the album and is an essential part of the performance.


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