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About Persrock
Persrock is a music project founded by Farzad Alipur in 2012 in Zurich, Switzerland. Persrock’s idea initially was a university project for Farzad at the Zurich University of the Arts. Only later it turned from musical project to a full-fledged rock band. Persrock’s self-titled debut deals with various topics such as social norms and freedom of thought. A project on a global scale which aims to open a new window in the music scene as well as creating an alternative bridge for those who are interested in persian music with the taste of rock. A combination of powerful oriental literature and immense western music.


The band consists of Farzad Alipur (vocals, guitar, keys), Sam Hopf (guitar), Michi Eigenmann (drums) and Michi Jäger (bass). Moreover, all members of persrock do different things in their private life. Sam and Michi Jäger work as software developers, Farzad as web engineer and designer and Michi Eigenmann as a light engineer. Persrock brings its own style into music but it has been stated by critics to play within the genres of alternative music, post grunge and modern rock.


Farzad is the main producer and songwriter of Persrock. The lyrics are written mostly in persian by himself and Yaghma Golrouee, one of the most celebrated poets in Persia. In 2015, Persock released its last song “Inja Nistam”, which means “I’m not here”. Persrock is now having a long break and “is not here”. For more details listen to the “Inja Nistam”.

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  1. سلام فرزاد جان
    همین الان ویدیو تی وی رو دیدم
    و از زیباییش مد هوش شدم
    که باعث شد همین الان دنبالت بگردم توو اینترنت
    بهت بگم
    پسر تو شاهکاری ، خواهش میکنم ادامه بده، از خدا میخوام که هر روز بهتر از دیروز بشی
    به عنوان یه ایرانی بهت افتخار میکنم

    اردتمند شما

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