Interview mit Manoto TV London (persian)

farzad-alipur-manoto-tvIn this interview, Persrock founder explains the vision of its project, the music genre and poetic form of Persrock, as well as how does it go on. Persrock is a music project by Farzad Alipur from zurich, Switzerland including Jamie, Michi & Sämi. A project on a global scale which aims to open a new window in the music scene as well as create an alternative bridge for those who are interested in persian music with taste of rock.


Download MP4 – 37 MB


Farzad Alipur’s interview on Manoto TV London (persian)



3 thoughts on “Interview mit Manoto TV London (persian)

  1. Ali says:

    salam, agha hamin tor edame bedid. loos bazi ham dar nayarid ke baraye man tamoom shodeo inaa.. kepp rocking!! 😀

  2. omilun says:

    be nazaram behtarinin … man joz ahange shoma dige ahange farsi dige gosh nemidam 1sali hast daghighan ….


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