Amoo Azadi

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Amoo âzadi gâhi

Uncle Freedom

Ye sari be donyâ bezan

Come and visit the world sometimes

Bazi vaqtâ ye soraqi

Come and ask

Begiro az mâ o az man

how we are doing sometimes


Sorâqi begir az donyâi

Ask about our world

ke dargire jange

tangled in war

Donyâi ke ru saresh

The world

Sâyeye shume tofange

with dark shadows made of weapons


Amoo âzâdi

Uncle Freedom

Pas key miresi

When are you going to come?

Har ki donbâlet umad

All those who went looking for you

Digeh bar nagasht

Never returned to us


Amoo âzâdi in hame

Uncle Freedom

Mâro montazer nazâr

Don’t keep us waiting too long

Biâ o har chi habsi tu

Come and free us

Donyâst az band dar biâr

From this cage

Hame doyiâ ro gashtim

We’ve been looking for you

Vali injâ nisti

and you are not here.

Alân chandvaqte engâri

These last many centuries

To tu donyiâ nisti

You have left our stage


Amoo âzâdi ….

Uncle Freedom …

Â… mesle â… mesle â …

A… like A… like A …



1 thought on “Amoo Azadi

  1. Hadi HabibElahi says:

    Freedom Is What We All Seek But Can’t Find
    This Song Is A Masterpiece , In Lyric And Melody
    The First Time I Heard This Song I Remember I Just Stare at The Wall Between Me And Outside And I Just Cried …
    We Are All Prisoners Of Our Ignorance
    This Song Is A Real Hit
    This Is A big GIG …
    I Do Adore It


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