Begu bebinam un adâhâro

Tell me, did you see that move?

Un hame harfâ un doruqâro

All the words and all the lies

Hameye kârâro bado birâhâro didi

All their matters and curses

Divâraro xundanihâro

Did you see the walls and the transcripts

Un filmâro un âhanghâro

The movies, the songs?

Xuneye bi daro gorgâye xastaro didi

The house without a door? The tired wolf?

Gushâye teshneye sedâye jangâro

Did you see the thirst ears aching for the sound of war?

Xabar mordane eshqo tu delhâro

The message of dying love?

Negâhe xiraro munde ru xandaro didi

The fixated stare of laughter?

Az yâdam narafteh nemire Zolme in divârâ divârâ

I will not forget, the atrocity of the walls

Sarzaminam mimunam haminjâ Mirizan divârâ divârâ

I will stay here, till these walls collapse

Be har če ke didio nadidi Qasamet midam ke nare az yâdet

I conjure you with all things you’ve heard and seen

Nam gerefte pâyehâo

The foundation became damp

Sotunâ Dârand mioftand

The pillars are going to fall

Here alone and outcast

Man mundamo az unjâ rundamo

On the corner of this house, lots of memories

Konje in xuneye hamishe yâde to

All i have belongs to you

Hame čim mâle to

Did you see the cure of cry?

Marhame geryaro didi


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