These people ( In Adama )

In âdamâ

These people

Bâham hastano tanhâ

Are together but remain alone

Vâse ounâ

For them

fardâ shode moamâ

Future is a riddle

In âdamâ

These people

Harfâshoun zedo naqize

Never walk their talk

In âdamâ

These people

Royâhâshoun marize

Have sick dreams

Manam yeki az ounâ

I am one of them

Khaste az nasihatâ

Tired of good advice

Donbale megâhi âshenâ

I yearn for a familiar glance

Ye hamrâh

A companion

Miram man gâhi vaqtâ

I walk into

Touye rouzmaregihâ

My daily routine

čera zendegi ham kalake Ham kutah

Why is life so short?

In âdamâ

These people

Har ruz gijano Khoshhâl

Are consistently confused and happy

Râheshuno Peydâ mikonan az fâl

They follow their oracle’s path

In âdamâ

These people

montazeran yeki biâd

Waiting for someone to arrive

In âdamâro

These people

Sepordan be daste bâd

Throw their hands to the wind

Zibâst ke in âdamâ darand

Nice to see these people

Tuye ham yeksare miluland

Always struggling

Zibâst daqdaqe hâshuno

Nice to know that

dâram mibinam

I see their sorrows

Zibâst gâhi be in âdamâ

Nice that sometimes these people

Khire shod az fâseleha

Are fixated from afar

Zibâst harakâte

Beauty is in their movement

in âdamâ

These people

5 thoughts on “These people ( In Adama )

  1. says:

    lotfan esme soraiandeye har tarane ro zekr konid.
    besiar karatoon zibast.tnx a lot

  2. Hadi HabibElahi says:

    A Tragic Song …
    The Human Who Lost The Real Identity
    And Do The Things , He’s Got No Reason To Do Them
    Very Good Perspective Of This Tragic Issue
    Another GiG From This Group

  3. mohammad reza says:

    mese hame ahangat in track marekas.ARAMESHE KHASI DARE

  4. Alois says:

    greaaaaaaaaaaaaat. in a word awesome. the whole Albums and Single Tracks


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